Insurance Coverage Disputes

Insurance coverage litigation is an area of law addressing how and when insurance policies should pay claims. Insurance coverage attorneys help answer questions such as whether a loss is covered under a policy, the rights and obligations of the insurance company and policy holder and liability limits under a policy.

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Insurance coverage attorneys represent insurance companies and businesses in disputes such as a denial of insurance coverage, the duty to defend a policy holder, selective and targeted tenders and insurance liability limits. Plaintiffs counsel will often bring on an experienced coverage attorney for difficult or high limit insurance coverage questions. Although plaintiff’s counsel may be very good at handling a claim or suit, they may require further assistance on difficult insurance coverage questions that arise during a case. Insurance lawyers assist in those situations where an extensive background in insurance coverage may lead to identifying additional policies, identifying all available insurance coverage or resolving rights and obligations under a policy.

Policy holder insurance coverage attorneys work with the business, homeowner, injury claimant or any other person seeking to recover insurance. They can assist with submitting the claim, suing the insurance company and suing the person causing the injury.

Insurance Coverage Areas

There are many areas where an individual or business may want to seek out an attorney with experience in both injury claims as well as insurance coverage experience. These situations can include:

  • Disputes between Businesses and Insurance Companies,
  • Car Accidents, Car Insurance or Rental Car Insurance Matters,
  • Insurance Disputes Under Automobile Insurance, Homeowner’s Insurance or Recreational Vehicle Insurance,
  • Declaratory Actions with Policy Holders and Insurance Companies.

Business Insurance Coverage Disputes.

  • Litigating insurance coverage under a commercial automobile insurance policy or commercial general liability policy,
  • Representing businesses denied a defense by an insurance company,
  • Representing organizations such as a taxi association with 150 cabs in an insurance dispute over taxi liability coverage,
  • Actions involving insurance company duty to defend issues from fire damage and death claims due to fire,
  • Insurance coverage issues in general liability policies for Property Damage coverage, Personal Injury coverage or Advertising Injury coverage.
  • My experience includes coverage disputes with policy limits from under $1 million to over $600 million at stake including duty to defend, advertising injury, property damage, personal injury, national toxic tort coverage matters (over $600 million in claims), national mold litigation, rail transfer facilities, manufactured gas plants, pollution bodily injury and property damage claims and more.

More Information on Commercial Insurance Coverage and Business Coverage Disputes is available here.

Car Accidents, Car Insurance or Rental Car Insurance Matters, Including Automobile and Car Insurance Coverage Disputes.

  • We do not handle car damage claims. We handle insurance coverage disputes between insurance companies and policy holders,
  • Rental car insurance coverage issues, taxi insurance coverage, and commercial truck insurance coverage,
  • Representing individuals in car accidents and Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Coverage,
  • Stacking of coverage limits following a car accident,
  • Securing coverage under homeowner insurance, umbrella insurance and business policies for car accidents.

Insurance Claims Under Automobile Insurance, Homeowner’s Insurance or Recreational Vehicle Insurance.

  • Duty to Defend the homeowner,
  • Claims for misrepresentations before sale of the home,
  • Mold claims,
  • ATVs and recreational vehicles,
  • Motorboats, and
  • Family member coverage issues.

Declaratory Actions With Insurance Policies.

  • Declaratory actions are a common and effecient law suit between the insurance company and the policy holder asking the court to spell out the rights and obligations of the parties,
  • Declaratory actions include issues such as liability limits and the duty to defend the business owner or homeowner,
  • When a car rental company denies a renter the insurance that they are entited to, a declaratory action is an effecient way to resolve the coverage dispute,
  • Homeowner disputes can include claims with the insurance company for dog bites, bicycle accidents, injuries on or near your property, snow and ice injuries and others,
  • Homeowner insurance may extend to ATVs and recreational vehicles, or motorboats,
  • Family member coverage issues often arise in disputes with homeowner insurance.

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