Car Accidents and Personal Injury Claims

Car Accidents, Car Insurance and Rental Car Insurance Matters

  • Assisting insurance disputes arising from vehicle accidents, car accidents, train accidents or bicycle accidents.
  • Litigation of insurance coverage disputes such as available insurance, policy limits and declaratory judgment actions.

One of the most common causes of injury to any person under about 63 years old is an injury from a car accident. These injuries are significant due to the fact that they involve increased speed, cars and other vehicles. Selecting an attorney is one of the more important decisions that you are forced to make in these situations.

Your attorney will work with you from a few months to a year or more. You will want to consider how their experience matches your problem, are they someone that you are comfortable with, will they respond to your calls or emails and do they give you a feeling of confidence that they can handle any issue that arises in the case?

One of the more important questions to ask your attorney is what kinds of cases have they actually handled in the past and what was the result of those cases. Do they have experience with insurance coverage matters with limits under $1 million to multi-million dollar issues?

You may want to consider the articles, books or newsletters that the attorney has written. I have written and published extensively on the topic of Illinois vehicle insurance. I am the author of the most comprehensive legal book on Illinois vehicle insurance coverage in Illinois. You can find more information under the Publications area of this site.

Car Accident Coverage Matters

  • Rental car insurance coverage issues with supplemental insurance often of $1 million,
  • Collision damage waiver issues with rental vehicles,
  • Representing individuals in car accidents and Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Coverage, these issues often involve every vehicle that you or your spouse owns along with the car of the person that hit you.
  • Stacking of coverage limits following a car accident, these issues involve “adding up” all the limits from your vehicle for a total possible recovery. Insurance companies often send official looking letters telling you that this is not possible. This issue may require an attorney with experience in insurance matters.
  • Securing coverage under homeowner insurance, umbrella insurance and business policies for car accidents. Some homeowners have additional insurance that could go uncollected unless an experienced attorney reviews it.

Insurance Claims Under Automobile Insurance, Homeowner’s Insurance or Recreational Vehicle Insurance.

We represent insurance companies regarding homeowner, duty to defend, reservation of rights and insurance policy litigation. These areas include insurance coverage, bad faith, denial of claims and extra contractual claims or punitive damages.

Declaratory Actions for Insurance Companies.

  • Declaratory actions are a common and efficient law suit with an insurance company asking the court to spell out the rights and obligations of the insurance company,
  • Declaratory actions include issues such as the Duty to Defend the business owner or homeowner,
  • When a car rental company denies a renter the insurance that they are entitled to, a declaratory action is an efficient way to resolve the coverage dispute,
  • Homeowner disputes can include claims with the insurance company for dog bites, bicycle accidents, injuries on or near your property, snow and ice injuries and others,
  • Homeowner insurance may extend to ATVs and recreational vehicles, or motorboats,
  • Family member coverage issues often arise in disputes with homeowner insurance.

This office does not represent parties seeking a recovery for damage to their car. If you have a claim for damage to your car, you should seek the assistance of an insurance attorney that handles car damage claims.